what do we women like

Sometimes we women have a reputation for being complex, enigmatic and difficult; if you hurry me, even unfathomable. And if we talk about sex, I don’t even tell you.

In the middle of the 20th century, female desire and pleasure was included in the equation of sexual relations. Since then, many have asked what women like. And I put the reflexive pronoun in italics because the wonderful thing would be if they could ask us directly, instead of having to be guessing.

Wait. I can think of a better scenario: that all women know how to answer that question because that would mean that they have felt free enough to explore and know themselves. Or better yet. You don’t have to ask us. We already told you about it because, finally, we feel we have the right to explain to our partner what we like and how we like it. Yes, that would definitely be the best and healthiest scenario. A pity that it is still not the most frequent. Therefore, all the disclosure that can be made on sexuality, communication and affective relationships is little.

Luckily, in the 1970s, a woman dared to ask. Shere Hite conducted a study on female sexuality because she realized that no one had been interested in knowing what and how women thought about sex and what it meant to them. For four years she sent the women of the United States the questionnaires on which she relied to collect the data for her study. There were a total of 231 very specific questions about their affective and sexual relationships, masturbation or orgasm. They were answered by more than 3,000 women between 14 and 78 years old and, after an exhaustive analysis of the data, in 1976, she published her famous book under the name “The Hite Report”, revealing the results and conclusions .

Today I wanted to share with you the statistics of the questions that had to do with female masturbation. More specifically with the techniques preferred by women to self-stimulate and achieve orgasm.

As you can see in the image, the author compiled up to 6 different types of female masturbation techniques, with clitoral / vulvar stimulation (types I and II) being the one that had the greatest role (78.5%), compared to 1.5%. who practice vaginal penetration (that is, the technique most similar to intercourse). It is important to note that 11% combined the practice of more than one technique to reach climax.

That is, when women want to feel and provide themselves sexual pleasure, it is the clitoris, mainly, that becomes the center of their attention and caresses. If you want to know him better, stop by and discover his stellar appearances throughout history.

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