Scotland train derailment leaves at least three fatalities

This Wednesday, August 12 at 09:40, the Scottish Police were informed of the derailment of a ScotRail train near the city of Stonehaven, 15 kilometers south of Aberdeen. The train covered the route between that port city and Glasgow. “Very sadly, despite the great efforts of the emergency services, we can confirm that three people have died at the scene,” said the British Transport Police in a statement.

Among the deceased is the train driver, according to the police. After the incident, two air ambulances and some 30 emergency services vehicles could be seen surrounding the accident area, in a space with difficult access. According to the ‘Sky News’ chain, only 12 people, six passengers and six workers were traveling on the train, a very limited number due to the entry and exit restrictions for residents imposed in Aberdeen, which is going through an outbreak of the new coronavirus. The Prime Ministers of Scotland and the United Kingdom extend their condolences to the families Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon described what happened as an extremely serious incident. “My condolences to the loved ones of those who lost their lives in this tragic incident,” said the leader.

The head of the semi-autonomous government also announced that an emergency telephone line has been opened for those citizens looking for their relatives or friends and the health service has set up a reception center, since visits to hospitals are not allowed in the middle of the pandemic. For his part, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his condolences to the victims and said he was saddened to learn of the “very serious incident”. He assured that his thoughts were with all those affected.

The causes of the ScotRail derailment have not been clarified The British channel ‘BBC’ reported that the train had two locomotives, one front and one rear, and four passenger cars. According to that media outlet, the front locomotive and three of the wagons derailed on a river embankment. In recent days, Stonehaven and its surroundings had been affected by floods and some reports, cited by local media, point to a landslide as the cause of the accident, although this hypothesis has not been confirmed by the authorities. The United Kingdom is one of the European countries with the lowest number of fatal train accidents in Europe, with a level of safety in recent years more solid than even that of France or Germany, according to data from the European Statistical Office, Eurostat. The most serious fatal accidents recorded in recent decades in the country occurred in 1999, when two trains collided in London causing the deaths of 31 people and in 2001, when two trains ran over a car that had gone to pass on the tracks near to Selby, northeast England, in which 10 people died.

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