Large gene pool and high yield

England offers an unrivaled variety of quality bred sheep with 106 different breeds. These different breeds cover a wide spectrum of production attributes and are suitable for many environments and climates. This brochure highlights the benefits of breeds of interest to importers looking for specific genetic traits to achieve breeding goals or to enhance existing cattle. English cattle genetics are world renowned for their quality and suitability to increase the profitability of cattle farming with species that are used around the world to improve indigenous breeds.

Increasingly, importers are learning about genetic improvement to exploit the benefits of each breed while realizing the benefits of hybridization. More is expected from less, on a shorter time scale and with lower environmental costs. To achieve the genetic potential of each animal in terms of growth, meat quality, wool quality and the survival of the offspring must be optimal. The wide variety of production systems in England from lowland pastures to extreme highland environments has meant that sheep grazing is treated as a science with the aim of optimizing production.

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