Anders “Ankan” Johansson with his characteristic Östgöta dialect is not only a presenter, comedian, musician, actor and screenwriter but also a charismatic contestant in SVT’s “På Spåret” and a popular multi-humor profile of rank.

In the spring of 2020, Ankan was a great success in the viewer favorite “Best in test” on SVT and before Christmas he appears as Ragnar in Tomas Alfredson’s feature film “Watch out for the Jönsson League” in cinemas. Anders has for many years been seen in a number of television programs, several of which he himself has directed and / or written scripts for.

Anders has, among other things, participated in “Parliament” on TV4, the stage performances “Father’s little girl” and “Sitcom – a TV-free evening”, the Christmas calendar “The beard in the mailbox”, been the host of “Animal Hospital” on SVT, played the lead role as Stig- Helmer in the musical “Sällskapsresan” and more.

Many people know Anders “Ankan” Johansson as one half of the humor duo Anders and Måns (Nilsson). Together, they have created a long line of radio and TV series such as “Anders and Måns”, “That’s how it works” and “Succéduon”, as well as the stage performances “Primates with top loans” and “Now we have a nice time?”. Now they are up to date with the show “How it works – The show!” which premiered in the spring of 2020 and is on tour again in 2021.

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